Writing Your Script

Writing a script for your digital story is easy. Writing a good script is harder. And writing a great script built to work with specific images and audio elements can get downright complicated. If you want to write a great digital story script, my best advice is to accept that your story isn’t going to be very good right away. It doesn’t mean that you’re a lousy writer. Instead, it means that you’re writing.

For me, the anxiety can be crippling. So I break the process up into a set of steps.

That you’ve started. That you’re on your way to something that might end up being great. But making a great digital story is complicated. There are a lot of factors to account for before you get to your finished draft. You’ve got to create a scene. You need to know where your story actually begins. You need to know the closing you’re working towards, even as your first sentence opens your story. You need to know which images your story will include and how you will use each one of them. You’ve got to know exactly which details will build your characters just the way you want them. And the list goes on.

As I said, it can be complicated. Personally, there’s no way I can write even a single sentence trying to keep all those factors in mind at once. For me, the anxiety can be crippling. So I break the process up into a set of steps. Mostly I follow these steps one after another, but sometimes the order shifts as the process dictates.

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