Resource Bank for Podcasting Workshop

Resource Bank for Podcasting Workshop

This page functions as a storage locker for anything that might be relevant to the topics we want to cover in the podcast workshop. As the workshop progresses, we will keep adding resources. We would love it if you all would make suggestions about valuable resources you yourself have run across. But for now, this document is just a dumping ground.  

Storytelling (audio, especially)

Recording & Production

Remote Recording 





Finding the binding/controlling/guiding Idea for a podcast/series/episode

Copysafe Materials and IP

Where to Find Creative Commons Music

Where to Find Creative Commons Sounds and Sound Effects

Gear and Apps

Storytelling Podcasts (specific episodes especially helpful)

Networking, Skill-Building, Mentoring Sources

Wildcards (To be filed later. Patience, Grasshopper.)

Podcasting 101 Videos

Here’s their lovely Toolbox:

Third Coast Pocket Conference: Sessions recorded from Third Coast International Audio Festival in Chicago