Affiliate Links: Support Stories21 for Free

Keeping this website going isn’t all that expensive when you think about it. But it’s not free, either. So in order to keep the lights on at Stories21, the site often includes what are called “affiliate links.” Each of these links points you a link to an item on a retailer’s site. If you end up purchasing that item from that retailer, Stories21 gets a small commission. (Very small.) But it doesn’t cost you anything more than if you ended up on that retailer’s site on your own. All money earned from these links goes toward the cost of hosting this site. I suppose there’s a chance that we might start getting a ridiculous amount of traffic and purchases via these links. If that happens, I’m going to be pretty darn shocked. And I will probably do a cartwheel. And I will not post the cartwheel footage anywhere online. You’re just going to have to trust me. If the site does end up earning more than the cost of website hosting,  any additional earnings will go directly toward renting or purchasing storytelling gear so we can review them here on Stories21. Don’t hold out for the cartwheel.